PM Imran Khan Promised Us Strict Austerity Measures And Things Look Good So Far!

After envisioning the change and using their votes to voice it, the next what people await is the deliverance and practical implementation of the words. And needless to say, things do look good so far!
Among the promises made and the steps that were committed to being implemented in the initial phase were the strict austerity measures.

Austerity: Difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce public expenditure.

In appreciation-worthy efforts to bridge the gap of privilege between a common man and his representative, Imran Khan has taken unconventional steps to numb protocol and VIP culture.

Being the first to do so but surely set a precedent for the future, Khan not only has rejected the luxuries that set the ruling elite apart from the common man, but his team is also following his footsteps.

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Showing the impact it is making, the example was practically put forth by PTI’s MNA Zille Huma, who arrived in a public vehicle to parliament lodges a few days back. Sharing her entire experience on microblogging site Twitter, Huma said that she is member elect National Assembly, however, the only abnormality in the picture is the vehicle she is travelling in. She said that the police was shocked to see her like this, while she wonders what is so unusual about it.

She said she can’t afford a vehicle but she wonders why the member of the parliament can’t arrive like common people. She said that in Naya Pakistan, the representatives of the people will be seen leading lives like normal people, truly depicting them. Here is what Zille Huma had to say:

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