PM Imran Khan responds to the opposition for calling him ‘Selected’

  • PM Imran Khan responds to the use of the word ‘Selected’ by the opposition.
  • The opposition party members call him the selected premier in the National assembly.
  • He mentioned that the same politicians were themselves dictated by foreign hands.

Prime Minister Imran Khan during today’s session of the National Assembly responded to the opposition for calling him ‘Selected Prime Minister’. Earlier on Sunday, the Deputy Speaker Qaaim Khan Suri bared the house from calling Prime Minister selected. He said that each member of the assembly enters the house through the power of vote hence the use of this word comes as an offend to the house.

Prime Minister praised the speeches done by Murad Saeed and other members of the PTI. Khan also announced to give Murad Saeed a slot of Federal Ministry due to his excellent performance in an earlier session of the assembly.

“The speech that was done by Murad Saeed in which he quoted some lines from the biography of Qondaliza Rize the then US Secretary of the State. Qondaliza explained in her biography on how she managed to bring the PPP leader and General Pervaiz Musharraf on the same page. She’s elaborated on how General Pervaiz Musharraf was convinced for the reconciliation and to get away with the corruption cases,” said Imran Khan while responding to the opposition for calling him ‘Selected’.

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“She also told in her biography that Americans assisted the conclusion of National Reconciliatory Ordinance between the government and political parties because these politicians will protect the American interests in Pakistan,” Imran Khan further said.

“The same politicians who were governed by the foreign forces are talking about the word ‘selected’ today. These politicians were manufactured under the supervision of military dictatorship,” he added.

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