PM Imran Khan takes notice of officers’ inaction on complaints lodged on citizen’s portal app

The ministries and divisions have been granted a month to evaluate the performance report.

A big number of complaints on the Pakistan citizen portal app have been reported to be disposed off without being resolved.

According to details, the matter was brought into PM’s attention and he has taken strict notice of it. According to the PM’s office, PM Khan has directed to make a committee to evaluate the performance of officers responsible for the delays and mishandling citizens’ complaints.

“It was evident from the quality of response to the citizens that the system was left in the hands of subordinates and majority of the decisions were made by them,” a letter issued to all ministries and divisions by the Prime Minister’s Office states.

The committee will be headed by a joint secretary, while other members of the committee will include an administrative focal person of the ministry or division, technical focal person, focal person of the attached departments and any co-opted member.

More details reveal that the dedicated committee will be carrying out a detailed investigation into the performance of selected officers and identify the loopholes.

Furthermore, it will also identify the best and poor performing officers. The ministries and divisions have been granted a month to evaluate the performance report.

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  • That’s true .. my complaint was rejected too for no reason .. bureaucracy is making Imran khan mamu.. a simple complaint from me to remove gate from declared public street occupied by a lawyer was rejected saying that is a court matter .
    Shame .
    Pakistan will be like that for always .. can’t be changed ..

    • Same type of my 7 complaints were dropped without any logical reason. Even faced worst consequences for registering complaints.

  • The people at the citizen portal who are supposed to give relief to the citizens have a very casual attitude towards the complaint lodged by the sufferers. It appears that someone at the helm of affairs is deliberately trying to sabotage this portal and bring bad name to the government. For example I lodged a complaint during last winters about the load shedding of gas and they rectified the fault during the onset of summers and during this period the gas pressure is restored as heaters and geysers of the people are off. So effort was done by SNGPL. I lodged a complaint about a fortnight back about the load shedding of gas and they gave me 42 days to get the fault removed. I assure the people at the portal that after 42 days the consumption of gas will again go down and the the the problem at my end will be resolved. I suggest the prime minister that only 7 days time period should be given to the departments to give relief to the complainant. After that the head of that department should roll. That’s the only way we can make these people work. The officers at the portal should contact the complainant and ask if the the complaint is resolved. Thanks.

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