PM Imran Khan Was Misinformed Regarding Kekra-I: Reveals MD PPL

Few months ago Prime Minister Imran Khan had predicted that Pakistan was closing in on discovering the biggest oil and gas reserves in the country’s deep sea. The project failed and PM Imran Khan was widely criticized. But it has turned out that the PM was misinformed regarding the success of the project.

This was disclosed by MD and CEO of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) Moin Raza during his speech following the conclusion of PPL’s 68th annual general meeting. Moin Raza revealed that the percentage of failure in Kekra-I was 86-88% from the very beginning. But the briefing to the PM was totally against the facts.

Although, MD PPL did reveal that Pakistan’s efforts will not entirely go down the drain. He added that the information which the concerned authorities obtained from Kekra-I will prove to be beneficial in the future. Moin Raza also announced that there are better chances of discovering major resources of oil and gas underneath the shallow water of Indus Block.

“In Kekra-I, we found nothing but water after digging deep inside the surface. However, there are chances of vast resources of oil and gas underneath the shallow water of Indus Block and the PPL will administer drilling in the site in future,” MD PPL said.

According to Moin Raza all the money spent on the exploration deep water oil and gas reserves stood at 124 Billion rupees. He went on to add that the Pakistan Petroleum Limited is currently focused on the existing oil and gas fields.

“We are currently focusing on our existing oil and gas fields. We have discovered reserves of tight gas in Hub and are working towards ascertainment of their commercial nature,” He added.

The offshore drilling process was completed four months after it was started. Pakistan expected big oil and gas reserves but unfortunately the project turned out to be unsuccessful.


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