PM Imran Khan’s special message a day before annual budget

Opposition parties badly criticized the Amnesty scheme and alleged that PM announced the scheme to benefit his own financiers.

PM Imran Khan called on the citizens to declare their assets before June 30. The speech of the PM was scheduled as of today ahead of the budget 2019 which will be announced tomorrow.  He appealed to the nation to take part in the assets declaration scheme because if people don’t pay taxes the country can’t make progress. “We need to change ourselves if we want to become a great country”, the premier added.

He warned that the government will take stern action later by the last date of the declaration of benami assets.  “You’ll not be given this opportunity after June 30”, he said to the nation.
He also mentioned that the incumbent government has all information unlike that of the previous government of the country. The agencies have complete data of benami properties and their holders. He pledged the citizens to take full advantage of the scheme.

“Pakistan is among the few most charitable nations but in terms of payments of taxes we rank far below”, he said.

Reaction of PPP


Deputy Secretary of PPP Palwasha Khan in response to PM’s address has said that Amnesty scheme was aimed to benefit the financiers and money backers of Imran Khan.

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The PM can’t get away with the embarrassment that he’ll face for economic failure. She further alleged that the Aleema Amnesty Scheme was duly launched to whiten the black money of Shaukat Khanam Hospital. Senator Sherry Rehman of PPP has said, “It was not an address to the nation but an advertisement to the amnesty scheme”.

The response of ANP

Zahid Khan of ANP in response to PM Imran Khan today’s address to the nation badly criticized him for the failure to run this country. He says that Khan is a selective prime minister and he really doesn’t know how to run this country. He further mentioned that Khan censured the same amnesty scheme when announced by the previous government. Khan must first regularize his own property of Bani Galla and if the leader isn’t willing to regularize his properties how can the public be convinced to do that, he added.

PML-N on PM’s address


Rana Sanaullah of PML-N badly criticized today’s speech by PM and said that he’s not eligible to run the state of affairs. He said that the nations need unity and active participation in such a poor economic outlook instead of deliberate warnings by the premiere of the country.

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