PM Khan annoyed as ministries fail to act in accordance with cabinet’s directives

“The Cabinet Division has now presented a detailed report to the prime minister about the non-compliance to some important decisions of the federal cabinet. ''

Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown annoyance with the ministries as they continue to turn a deaf ear to directives of the federal cabinet. To show compliance and progress on the sent directives, a report was presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Media sources report that the Prime Minister has specifically shown annoyance with ministries of petroleum, finance, law & justice, and information & broadcasting as they continue to lag behind in the implementation and fail to comply with the decisions, suggesting the cabinet to withdraw them for not being ‘feasible’.

“The Cabinet Division has now presented a detailed report to the prime minister about the non-compliance to some important decisions of the federal cabinet. Non-compliance by ministries/divisions has been causing a serious blow to the public initiatives of PM Khan, who is not happy over the situation,” the sources reported.

The sources further said that the ministers are not following PM Khan’s directive because of the lobbying of influential people. However, the PM has given deadline to follow the directives.

“The premier has directed the Cabinet Division to give a timeline to the ministries/divisions to implement the said decisions.”

Previously, the federal cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee showed reservations, LNG terminal companies are earning an excessive return of 44pc on yearly basis, compared to 10-15pc annual returns worldwide.

“Such sky-high annual returns have been causing a heavy burden on the public exchequer,” the cabinet said.

However, the law ministry has advised the cabinet to negotiate with the LNG terminal companies. The ministry said that opening old contracts and agreements will affects the new investments in the country.

Amending the Petroleum Division:

The Petroleum Division had also directed the Petroleum Division to amend the agreement between Turkey and Pakistan to cooperate in the field of hydrocarbons & table the same before the ECC. But the Petroleum Division replied that there is no need for an agreement with Turkey at this stage.

”The Turkish counterpart does not trade in LNG while Pakistan already has a number of agreements with countries trading in LNG. Hence there is no need for any agreement with Turkey at this stage and the decision may be withdrawn”, the Petroleum Division replied.

Setting up a Pakistan Culture Centre at Kartarpur:

The Cabinet Division had also directed to establish Pakistan Culture Centre at Kartarpur, which still only remains on papers. The cabinet had accorded an in-principal approval to establish a Pakistan Media University in the federal capital Islamabad, but Capital Development Authority (CDA) did not allot land for it.

In a comprehensive report, the Cabinet Division has drawn PM Khan’s attention towards the complaints of APTMA (All Pakistan Textile Mills Association) along with other exporters, as they show reservations over non-implementation of decisions of the ECC about the electricity and gas sale prices to the zero-rated sector.

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