PM Khan demands a plan for CDA restructuring

PM said that our priority should be constructing high-rises addressing the housing needs of the growing population. 




Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved restructuring of Capital Development Authority (CDA). He has sent out the directives for the plan to be presented in the next cabinet meeting, after which it will proceed for consideration and approval.

A statement from the PM office says that the restructuring will make the land regulatory more efficient, improving it in all spheres.

“The plan aims at restructuring the development authority to make it efficient and improve its service delivery. The objective of restructuring is to introduce an effective corporate governance model in the organization,” the statement read.

The statement further added that the government is looking to include private officials in the CDA board, just like it is followed in the other organizations. Islamabad High Court in December 2017 previously ruled that CDA board and the chairman would be elected from the private sector following a process, in compliance with CDA ordinance 1960.

Delaying tactics used since the ruling:

But ever since the ruling, it has not been followed and delaying tactics have been used. The statement said that the plan needs to be presented before the Prime Minister on Monday. CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed also presented a progress report in front of the meeting. He told that the agency’s financial position has improved for the first time in years. He added that there is Rs. 11 billion available balance, which will be utilized for developmental activities.

CDA is now about to start development in the sectors whose progress has been halted. It would eventually lead to 23,000 housing units. PM Khan was also informed about the progress of Islamabad’s new master plan. PM said that our priority should be constructing high-rises addressing the housing needs of the growing population.

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  • Very good dicision to make CDA efficient, past performance of CDA very poor, specifically till decades they take money and no development.
    Hope things improve after PM dicision.

  • We are totally not satisfied from Cda. Number of cases I filed and went upto wifaqi mohtasib but all in vein. Every department is full of corruption and no one works in favour of citizens till they never have any commission or corruption in between the project. All machineries of Cda are out of order no one is working on it. When a citizen ask for work on any issue regarding citizens right. They stop the work and file. I hope that things become better after PM decision but hope so

  • Sorry to say but jub tak danda nae jaiga patwari culture nae khatam hoga. Intehai chutiya banaya hua hai awam ko. Jub tak 1000 ka note na pakrain koi baat bhi nae sunta. No directions ni check and balance. Corruption Development Authority

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