‘When we see PM Khan smiling, all doubts from our minds go away’ , Minister Zartaj Gul [VIDEO]

''think he is the finest charismatic man''.

Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir has showered praise on Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying he has a very charismatic personality and a ‘killer’ smile. In Gul’s exclusive interview with Abid Andleeb, she said that PM Khan has an impressive and confident personality aura, which erases any doubts they have in their minds.

“If we talk about the body language of PM Imran Khan, I think he is the finest charismatic man,” Minister Zartaj Gul said.

“The manner in which the prime minister walks, which can be seen in various videos, he comes with so much confidence and authority, which removes all doubts from our minds,” she continued.


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