Impressed by him, Tourism Forum President announces to publish PM Khan's biography in Turkish language

The biography will be available on shelves in September, 2020.

The historical ties between Turkey and Pakistan are one reason why Pakistanis welcome Turkish cinema in their country. It would not be wrong to say that Turkish cinema has entranced the Pakistani audience. From dramas like Diriliş: Ertuğrul and movies like Miracle in Cell no. 7, Pakistan wholeheartedly welcomes the marvelous Turkish creations.

The latest events indicate that now Pakistani readership is going to be captivated by Turkey too. A well-renowned Turkish man, Bulut Bağcı, took up the task of writing the biography of Pakistan\\’s beloved Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Bulut Bağcı, the President of The World Tourism Forum and a foresighted businessman and entrepreneur, recently tweeted that he is so impressed by the Pakistani leader, Imran Khan, that he wrote his biography.

The Turkish book titled “Imran Khan\\’s Way – Economic and Tourism Reforms of Pakistan” will also include the Premier Imran Khan\\’s vision for Pakistan. September 2020 is the current release month of the much-awaited book.

The book by Bulut Bağcı is just another example of the love prevalent between the two countries\\’ people. Since 1954, the ties between Turkey and Pakistan have only strengthened.

Turkey and Pakistan have built a strong diplomatic and military relationship that forecasts a win-win for both countries. Most would agree that this solid bond between the two nations results from shared goals and an aligned vision. Though, historical ties and common adversaries are a crucial part of the equation too.

If you can\\’t wait for the book, listen to Imran Khan\\’s life story in his own words here:

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