Malaysian PM Mahatir Mohammad sends Proton X70 as a ‘gift’ to PM Khan

It is something that will eventually assist Proton in achieving their goal of selling more than 400,000 cars by the year 2027.

ISLAMABAD: Proton (a Malaysian automotive company) recently delivered their X70 to the government of Pakistan as Dr Mahathir Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, made a promise to PM Imran Khan earlier this year during his visit to the country.

Abdul Razaaq Dawood, Prime Minister’s Advisor for Textile, Commerce, Industry and Production received the X70 on behalf of Imran Khan in a handover event organised in Islamabad on Monday. Ikram Muhammad Ibrahim, the Malaysian High Commissioner to Pakistan, delivered the car on behalf of the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Proton is said to start manufacturing their cars in our country in 2021, and currently, they’re formulating the plans with the assembly for numerous models in Pakistan.

It is something that will eventually assist Proton in achieving their goal of selling more than 400,000 cars by the year 2027.

A new CKD assembling plant would be made in Karachi with an estimated cost of $30 million, and it would reportedly create around 2,000 direct jobs in its initial years of operation.

It has been further told that approximately 20,000 indirect employment opportunities would be created by setting up this new plant.

Opening doors for a new automotive production plant in the country:

Abdul Razaaq Dawood warmly welcomed Proton (the Malaysian automobile company) to Pakistan for it has vowed to establish a new automotive production plant in the country.

The amazing X70 by Proton made its debut in December 2018 at the globally renowned International Motor Show in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, around 26,000 X70 SUVs has been sold by the Malaysian automotive company.

X70 is said to be the first of its kind vehicle ever manufactured by a Malaysian automobile brand. The production of X70 was a joint venture of Geely and Proton.

From 2018 till now, three different variants of X70 have been ruling the automobile markets:

  • Proton X70 1.8 TGDi Executive 2WD
  • Proton X70 1.8 TGDi Executive 4WD
  • Proton X70 1.8 TGDi Premium 2WD

The Advisor to Prime Minister said while addressing at the ceremony, “The PROTON cars observe a lot of potential in Pakistan and as Malaysia is the only Muslim country to have its own automotive brand, both the countries are natural partners who have so much to share with each other.”

“I see it as a beginning for more partnership between Pakistan and Malaysia in future,” he further stated.

According to Mr Dawood, making an investment ecosystem for local as well as foreign investors is one of the significant priorities of Pakistan government. Adding to it, he mentioned that investment opportunities that Pakistan is currently offering are quite attractive, and they would bring substantial returns to the economy in numerous ways.

Pakistan is presently focused on regulating the trades between Malaysia and Pakistan under the Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement that encompasses various investments, services and goods.

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