PM Office collaborates with Facebook to train public representatives and parliamentarians on how to use social media

The two-day training will be delivered by NITB, Facebook and PM office.


  • For the first time, PM Office will be holding a training on how to use social media effectively.
  • Training is aimed at equipping ministers and public representatives with digital knowledge.
  • The two-day workshop will be conducted on and 24th and 25th of September.


For the first time, Prime Minister Office decides to hold a two-day long training workshop in collaboration with Facebook and NITB (National IT Board), recognizing the power of social media.

The purpose of the workshop will be to train parliamentarians and ministers on how to use social media effectively. The one of its kind workshop has immense significance because we live in a digitized world, in which social media is the most effective mean of communicating and getting your narrative out in front of the world. It also provides a voice to the downtrodden, as well as it can help Pakistan make an impact and get their perspective heard on issues relating to world politics and regional stability.

The two-day workshop will be conducted on and 24th and 25th of September. The training will be conducted by trainers coming from Facebook. The activity will have a significant impact, as the public representatives yet are unaware of how the make the best use out of their social media platforms.

Training is significant to get Pakistan’s digital presence felt:

The main purpose is to increase public reachability, as when all of them will be present on social media, a layman can easily reach out to them, convey their issues and establish a stronger relationship with their representatives.

Prime Minister Office has exclusively collaborated with National IT Board (NITB) and Facebook to train the public representatives. The collaboration is first of its kind, not only due to the nature of the workshop but also because it shows how the government stakeholders are committed to making Pakistan’s presence felt on the digital media.

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  • So more youthiyas including his ministers would start cursing and slandering people’s characters when Mr Saadiq and Ameen who can’t own her daughter but is Saadiq and Ameen is criticised.


    This is brilliant indeed

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