PM orders to revoke licenses of these nine oil marketing companies

The decision was established on the initial inquiry report on the petrol crisis.


Prime Minister Imran Khan has given orders to cancel the licenses of oil marketing companies (OMCs) involved in hoarding fuel and causing an artificial shortage in the country. The decision was established on the initial inquiry report on the petrol crisis.

The report prepared by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), identified that the Petroleum Division supposedly conspired with OMCs to create an artificial crisis in the country to put pressure on the government.

The committee identified nine OMCs involved in hoarding, black-marketing, and dropping their sales. These include Shell Pakistan Limited, TOTAL PARCO Pakistan Limited, APL (Attock Petroleum Limited), Attock Oil Company Limited, Go, Byco, Hascol, and Puma, and BE (Bakri Energy).

It was also mentioned in the report that the officials of the Petroleum Division failed to fulfill their responsibilities. They had taken no action while oil companies were creating an artificial petrol shortage in the country.

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  • یہ کرپٹ کورٹس میں جا کر بھال  کرا لیں گے ، من سور شاہ  ، فیز عیسیٰ ، اطهر  بن دلہ لوہار کورٹ کالا سطح  کس واسطے بیٹھے ہیں ان حرام خوروں کو پیسہ  دو اور یہ ….. کے ….. فورن سٹے دے کر ہر مجرم کے خلاف کروائی روک دیتے ہیں

  • I salute your determina & resilience while handling  any important issue…the true characteristic of a leadership. Hats off to you Captan…

  • I hope LHC or IHC will save these poor hoarders who did this hoarding for the sake of poor people.

  • پر یشا نی کی کوئ بات نہیں ہماری عدلیہ ان کو گود لینے کو تیار بیٹھی ہے

  • Has the PK Judiciary ever done anything for poor PK’s. They act as the judicial wing of the mafia. These judges will rot in hell.


  • I have high high hopes of living!

    I have faith that Allah helps the rulers who are working with good intentions for the people. Allah is greater than any judicial bench.

  • This is a history of Pakistan always criminals get relief from our judiciary.

  • Hopefully things now changed and Pakistan judiciary not give any relief to the criminals anymore.

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