STUDENTS REACT: Did PMC actually change MDCAT 2020 syllabus at the last minute?

The commission had earlier said that the MDCAT exam would not include any topic outside the existing syllabus of the students' respective province.

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) changed the syllabus for entry tests just a few days before the exam, leaving students furious.

Many students expressed their anger and anguish at the PMC’s last-minute switch in the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT 2020) syllabus – saying that the move will put their careers at risk.

The MDCAT 2020 will be held on the 15th of November 2020.

The commission had earlier said that the MDCAT exam would not include any topic outside the existing syllabus of the students’ respective province. However, the PMC, at the last moment, announced a new syllabus for exams.

Reacting to the newly introduced syllabus, a student tweeted, “The new course has several topics outside the syllabus of Karachi Board. It will be a huge problem for students. Please look into it.”

Another student said, “Earlier, the PMC said that no new curriculum would be included, and we will prepare according to our respective boards’ syllabus. Now the so-called common syllabus is the exact replica of NUMS syllabus.”

Expressing her anger, another student said, “With due respect, this is not what we signed for. Some topics are not even available in our books, and we are given this new syllabus when there is less than a month to prepare. This is highly unprofessional.”

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  • The view is simple. Considering the difficulty of the task on hand and the number of students whose lives and careers are being toyed with , I seriously consider this a grave SIN and an act of extreme unprofessionalism from PMC, not that I expected anything less but what I got was way more than what I had bargained for ! So the syllabus right now is a slap to the entire educational system all over Pakistan silently speaking ” Hey guess what Sindh Punjab kpk and Balochistan boards don’t matter and neither do their students bcz fedral board is all we care about since we ourselves live here and the students who live outside the fedral region should know that it’s kinda their fault not ours , they should be prepared for everything !”
    Now we aren’t any machines and I’m sure all this is happening just bcz of the children of some high post officials ! Ever since PMDC was dissolved , there has been a constant air of disbelief and confusion followed by 4 changes of syllabi ! All this proves my original point that PMC just doesn’t give a FUCK ! To them it’s a game , a funny one it seems as today in court their lawyer stated : ” The syllabus is perfectly COMMON and everyone appreciates this syllabus , students will cry and wail bcz they do that ! ”
    This shows the extreme unprofessionalism from PMC and even the courts don’t give a FUCK bcz they DELAYED the goddamned hearing to 28 October ! And I’m sure we are 100% screwed !
    All I will say to conclude is that speaking up for my rights and against a mafia isn’t 5th generation war neither is it me disrespecting the institutions ! It’s me standing up for my and the the rights of hundreds of thousands of students all over Pakistan !

  • Its highly unethical..if you want to change the syllabus then mdcat must be delayed for alleast 3 to 4 months….pls raise the issue for the career of the students..

  • Education ministry should immediately looks this matter.If they want to unified test..then should be enough time for students..or delay the test for 4 months.The peoples who prapre this test..must be fired from the post.. Although I support the policy of one syllable for whole Pakistan.. but not this way..Where is Mr.Shafqat??

  • #we reject pmc syllabus#
    #we reject pmc #
    They r playing with the future of students and our children r in depression bc of their criminal policies our students r preparing from uhs syllabus announced by uhs all of a sudden after pmdc when took charge they planned to ruin the students future
    And in this crucial time of revision with excessive burden it is very difficult for parents to console or handle their depressed children we request to our govt who always so called the youth representative (nau jawano ki party) to take some action against pmc if something happens with any student we will question our govt our Pm our health and education minister this is totally injustice why u people r trying to destroy the medical field plz plz wake up govt and take action
    Wakefield up b4 it’s too late and ur youth becomes ur enemy

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