PM Khan approves new domestic cricket structure, bids farewell to departmental cricket

  • Prime Minister approves recommendations for the new domestic cricket structure.
  • The new structure will encourage the cricketers at the grassroots level.
  • Only six teams stand eligible to play first-class cricket.
  • Departments must sponsor teams instead of promoting their own teams; PM Imran Khan.


The cricket legend and Prime Minister Imran Khan has long been speaking about the revival of domestic cricket in Pakistan.

After becoming the premier he said that only regional cricket is played everywhere in the world and Pakistan is the only country where sponsors play their teams and this doesn’t happen anywhere in the world.

The premier has now approved the recommendations for the new domestic cricket structure in Pakistan. As a head of the state, he is the current patron in chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as well. The new approval is a setback to the departmental cricket within the country.

Six teams will play first-class cricket

As per the recommendations task force, only six teams stand eligible to play the first-class cricket in Pakistan. These teams will comprise one each from Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Federal Territory, and two teams will come from the province of Punjab.

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The benefit of the new structure

The newly approved structure for the cricket will encourage the cricketers at the grassroots level. It will also provide a chance to the emerging talent instead of merely promoting departmental cricket. The departmental cricket has been a dominant factor over the last 45 years.

The premier gave the directives that departments should sponsor teams instead of promoting their own teams. Domestic cricket will include the regional players to come forward.


Although cricket has never been a national game of Pakistan still a large proportion of the population is sensational about the game. Currently, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is being held in England and team Pakistan has made the hopes high for entry into the semi-final by giving unexpected performance after losing some matches at the start of the World Cup.


What do you think of recent approval regarding the promotion of domestic cricket at the expense of departmental structure within the country?

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