PML-N calls for the acquittal of Nawaz Sharif following the dismissal of Judge Arshad Malik

  • Is it enough to relieve the Judge from his duties, asks PML-N’s Vice President
  • If a judge who is found guilty of misconduct got removed, how can his decision stands corrected; Maryam Nawaz.
  • No justification to keep the Nawaz Sharif behind the bars; leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif.
PML-N calls for acquittal of convicted Nawaz Sharif after the dismissal of accountability court judge – photo courtesy The News International.

The video controversy has been in the news ever since Maryam Nawaz who is the de facto head of PML-N in a presser claimed that Judge Arshad Malik confessed that he had been pressurized and blackmailed to convict her father in Al-Azizia reference case. Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik, however, denied the allegations the following day.

But the controversy wasn’t ended here and PML-N’s Vise President released two more videos on Wednesday that were merely supporting the first one. In a number of posts that are shared by her on twitter, she called for announcing the Al-Azizia verdict to be declared null and void after the court’s decision to remove Judge Arshad Malik.

“It is requested to the judiciary that the decision be declared null and void and in the provision of justice Nawaz Sharif be freed from prison without any delay. Now that matter is not limited to Nawaz Sharif only. I’m looking at the top judiciary for justice. I’ll be waiting. Thanks,” Maryam Nawaz shared in a Twitter post.

According to her, the video scandal has proved Nawaz Sharif innocent and she’s asking that is it enough only to relieve the judge from the job. “Nawaz Sharif is the only person who has been the prime minister thrice and still kept behind the bars after proven guiltless.


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“If a judge has been found guilty of misconduct and has been removed from his post then how can the victim of his misconduct be punished?”, shared Maryam Nawaz in another post.

She said that the removal of the judge clarifies that the judiciary has accepted the realities and if this is the case then why the decision is being continued given by that particular judge. “Why the innocent Nawaz Sharif is not being acquitted from the prison,” she added.

PML-N’s Vice President also said that the matter wasn’t about the dismissal of the judge but it was all about the suspension of the verdict that the judge issued for her father. She pressed upon the sole decision of her father that was announced by the dismissed accountability court judge.

Former Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif also called for the acquittal of Nawaz Sharif and said that it is a sheer injustice to keep Nawaz Sharif behind the bars any further.

Both the daughter and brother of Nawaz Sharif particularly criticized only one decision by the accountability court’s judge Arshad Malik. Shahbaz Sharif has said on the floor of the house that the decision against the Nawaz Sharif has become void and no justification left to keep Nawaz Sharif in jail.

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