PML-N govt. conferred Rs500 billion to newspapers, media outlets

  • PML-N government gave advertisements of 137 million to a channel, says Shafqat Mehmood.
  • Advertisements worth 86 billion rupees were bestowed on another channel.
  • 2.5 billion was given to Daily Ghareeb for ads, Daily Herat was given 2.5 billion rupees as advertisement money, he added.

It has almost become a routine matter in Pakistan that every new government blames the previous governments and put the burden of inefficiencies on the past ruling elite. Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood in today’s session of the National Assembly made some startling revelations about the misuse of public money by the PML-N government in the name of advertisements.

Although he did not mention any of the newspaper names correctly, he delivered the identifications of these media outlets by naming them in camouflage likewise he used the words of Daily Herat, Daily Ghareeb and Daily Leader instead of their proper names.

“PML-N government gave advertisements of 137 million to a channel to which they considered was in contradiction with the government views,” said Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood.

He also mentioned that the previous government of PML-N gave advertisements worth 86 billion rupees to another channel and the PML-N government thought this channel was in favor of them. This is how they utilized the public resources for political gains.

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Media has largely been manipulated during their (PML-N) tenure. The minister also unfurled another scam of the government in which he said that the Nawaz Sharif government gave advertisements to about 362 newspapers. These advertisements worth millions of rupees.

Slush Fund

He also highlighted the slush fund saying that it is a procedure by which money is not spent on the purpose for which it is allocated.

Payments were given to newspapers for advertisements

2.5 billion was given to Daily Ghareeb for ads, Daily Herat was given 2.5 billion rupees as advertisement money, said Shafqat Mehmood on the floor of the house. 500 billion rupees were flown off meticulously and a part of this money was also expended to make the people and journalists corrupt.

He also criticized the performance of the health sector and said that Sharif’s couldn’t build a hospital that is efficient enough to look after the diseases they suffer. Nawaz Sharif has claimed in his petition that no hospital in the country can treat him, he should be allowed to go abroad for getting treatment.

What is your stance on giving money to the media outlets in the name of advertisements? Does it compromise the freedom of opinion? Share your views in the comment section

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