WATCH: This PML-N leader thinks Mahira Khan would be a perfect choice to play Maryam Nawaz in biopic

"I am not sure, but I think Mahira Khan because she is currently a top Pakistani actress."

The PML-N leader, Muhammad Zubair, has said that the actress, Mahira Khan, would be a perfect choice to play Maryam Nawaz in a biopic.

In an interview with Waseem Badami for the ARY show ‘Har Lamha Pur Josh,’ the politician was asked to pick an actress who would be the best for the role. He was given three options: Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar, or Kareena Kapoor.

Muhammad Zubair responded while saying, “I am not sure, but I think Mahira Khan because she is currently the top Pakistani actress.”

He further said that because Mahira Khan is a top Pakistani actress, he would like to see her playing Maryam Nawaz’s role. Moreover, he stated that Saba Qamar is also an excellent actress.

The wife of the PML-N leader was also asked a question regarding Pakistani actresses. The host asked her to pick between three actresses – Mehwish Hayat, Saba Qamar, and Mahira Khan – who she thinks her husband would invite to an event.

Without thinking twice, she[wife] right away said Mahira Khan.

Watch the interview here:

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  • What Mariyam has done to make a movie on her?? what are her acheivements to make a movie on her except plundering money.

  • What the fuck is this man, honestly, what has this Whore Maryam Nawaz done that people are looking for her biopic, what a fucking retarded nation.

  • biopic unki bnti hen jinki is dunya mae apne mulk mae koi contribution ho iski kiya contribution hai ?

  • Mallika Sherawat or Malaika Arora would be a perfect choice considering the face that like those two Bollywood Item Numbers our own Calibri thug Maryam Safdar is only a “Item Number” in Pakistan politics.

  • بادامی اس صدی کا سب بڑا ڈمپ کھوتاشریف ھے جو اسطرح کے نازیبا سوالات پوچھتا ھے یہ پاکستان کے میڈیا کی غلیظ طوائفوں میں سے ایک غلیظ طوائف ھے جو کہ آپنے پروگراموں کی ریٹنگ کی خاطر ھر حرامی پن کا سوال کرنے سے گریز نہیں کرتے ہیں ان میڈیا کے بیشرموں میں شرم نام کی چیزیں ختم ہوگئی ہیں کاش شرم بازاروں میں ملتی تو بازار سے خرید کر کچھ شرم ان میڈیا کی بدبودار طوائفوں کے لئے بھی استعمال کی جاسکتی تھی

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