PMLN Senator Breaks Silence On Viral Video Of Him ‘Inappropriately’ Touching A Girl – Watch What He Said

Ever since Zainab’s case got the limelight and broke silence on the issue of child molestation, we have seen an obvious change in society’s attitude and acceptance. Following it, all the social media outlets were on fire after a video of senior PMLN senator went viral touching and groping a little girl in front of a huge crowd. Senator Nisar Muhammad was attending a protest rally against fake encounter of Naqeeb Mehsud by Rao Anwar when the video was shot.

However, ever since the video started circulating on the social media Nisar Muhammad was subjected to intense criticism and hate. Now, he finally broke the silence and said his part of the story in a video. Nisar says that the crowd was passionately protesting and asking for justice for Naqeeb when this little girl came to stage asking for justice. She, herself has four sisters and her only brother was killed by police.

Nisar says that when the girl delivered the speech, most of the people couldn’t control their emotions and started crying. Her words were powerful and anyone could see pain through them. He then got up and went to stage to appreciate her effort and courage that even made the insensitive society weep. He further added that in his Pashtun community it’s common to show love and affection to children but the recent events have made this pure relationship doubtful.

He said that he belongs to a respected family and is well aware of his values and limitations. He saw his daughter Musqa in her, who is of the same age. Further commenting on it, he said that anyone who would have heard her powerful words wouldn’t be able to help but show their affection for her as they touched everyone deeply. He requested media to not print anything and everything without knowing the context, just for the sake of ratings.
Here is the video:

His words do make sense. As he rightly pointed out, that a few animals in the human body have sabotaged the image of this relationship and intentions are not definitely always the same.
However, are you convinced by his clarification? We leave that to you to decide!

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