PMLN’s Maiza Hameed Accuses Imran Khan of Rape and Social Media Is Furious About It

This is the dilemma of Pakistani politics that amidst political rivalry, character assassination is used as a manipulative tool.

After Panama case, Ayesha Gulalai’s allegations on Imran Khan for sexual harassment back in 2013 stirred controversy regarding the time on which she decided to confront and expose him.

Similarly, another shot is fired aiming at Imran Khan’s character after Gulalai’s allegations by PMLN’s representative Maiza Hameed.

Maiza on her Twitter account referred to him as a rapist, comparing him to Indian Guru Dr. Saint Gurmeet Singh.

Flamboyant controversial Indian Guru received a 20 years prison and $58,700 fine after the rape charges on him were proved.

Referring to his conviction, Maiza said that its ‘high time’ to initiate an investigation against Imran Khan, calling him a ‘local guru’.

Her remarks and accusations caused a social media frenzy. Hundreds of Khan’s followers lashed out at her, saying that her accusations are shameful.


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Most people said that Khan should definitely be investigated to probe deeper into Gulalai’s matter, but before that these remarks are unfair.



As her statement gave an impression that she is speaking in favor of the victims of harassment, people also reminded her of the PML N’s MNA who was involved in the biggest child abuse scandal in Kasur.


And then, there was someone who gave us a true eye-opener.

However, some just posted pictures, worth a thousand words.

Character assassination has sadly become a norm in our society, that we are shamelessly using to have an upper hand in personal clashes.

After being used as a tool of personal and political vengeance, are we not closing the doors for the real victims of harassment? Are we not playing a part in normalizing character assassination, when it already is a common societal behavior?

Again, by making such statements as a part of political blame game without any proof, are we not simply creating an atmosphere of mistrust for the actual sufferes?

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