PMLN’s Openly ‘Threatening’ Banners In Sangla Hill Raise Conerns – Should Be Taken Seriously, Says Hamid Mir

Ironically the biggest advocates of democracy in Pakistan, who’s election slogans are drenched in standing for ‘people’, find it harder to tolerate public’s opinions when they are on the criticism ends.
And they often stoop down to a level that only includes manipulation and forcefully silencing the ‘people’ who brought them into authority.
One harrowing example was rose concerns is the Sangla Hill threatening banners.  The banners that have been displayed on the roadsides directly threaten basically anyone who disagrees directly, in a horrifying clear manner.

Though already initiating a wave of fear and insecurity in the local residents, it is concerning how they have still caught no attention of the authoritative figures of the area and neither the security forces.
Hamid Mir has also spoken on the severity of these, saying that they need urgent addressal by the prominent leaders and security forces.

He said that it needs to also be considered that who do these threatening banners are sending a message to. He said that politicians and representatives of this area should urgently take notice. He specifically asked Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir, Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan, to take notice of the matter, being the representative from Sangla Hill. He further said that it is irresponsible to blame him directly for the incident before any clear traces,  but he should definitely look in this matter and do something about to further prevent something like this from happening.

Hamid also showed serious concerns with the performance of security forces in the area, saying that the ones who need to ensure that nothing of this nature happens, are least concerned about what’s happening in the city. He added that the threat should definitely be taken seriously and needs to be properly addressed.

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