PM’s focal person condemns abusive twitter hashtags, asks people to stay focused on Kashmir issue

Another day, another dirty trend in Pakistan's politics.

  • Abusive hashtags about journalists’ Waqas Goraya and Gul Bukhari went viral on Twitter yesterday. 
  • PM’s focal person condemns the trends.
  • He asks people to stay focused on the Kashmir cause. 


Another day, another dirty trend in Pakistan’s politics. Although abusive slurs are not a new sight in country’s politics, this time the targets were journalists known for their left activism and vocal criticism of the incumbent government, Waqas Goraya and Gul Bukhari.

Though it was initially thought that these are being propagated by the workers of the ruling party, PM’s focal person Dr. Arsalan has made it clear that it is not what they stand for and asks the people to focus on the Kashmir cause. He added that if them not backing government’s protests will not help it, abusive trends will further undermine the cause as well.

”I condemn whosoever is participating in abusive threads. You are no better than the ones against whom you are running these HTs. If they are refusing to stand with Kashmiris then how come these abusive HTs are helping the Kashmir cause? Focus on the real goal”, he said on Twitter. 

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