PM’s ambitious Kamyab Jawan Programme launched in Balochistan

''PM Khan is making every effort to resolve the issue of joblessness and youth unemployment in the province.''

Prime Minister’s ‘Kamyab Jawan Programme’ will benefit 52% of the country’s population, with 25% of the loans being given to women so they can start small businesses. This program aims at providing loans to the young and create job opportunities for them with a ‘follow up’ strategy, as per an official of the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

Speaker Balochistan Assembly, Qasim Suri, also sees a bright future for Kamyab Jawan Programme in Balochistan. Speaking at the launch ceremony of the program in the Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences, Suri said that PM Khan is making every effort to resolve the issue of joblessness and youth unemployment in the province.

He said that the foundation of the country had been shaken due to corruption and the current government has been trying to rebuild the nation from square one.

Mr Suri believes that all the difficulties that people face today are because of the low policies made in the past. Additionally, he asked people to stay patient in this difficult time with the government as they are striving to overcome the current challenges in order to steer Pakistan out of these trying times.

Furthermore, he directed the workers of PTI to effectually espouse the new policies of the government so that the negative propaganda can be countered.

He repeatedly mentioned that Pakistan is suffering because of the wrong policies of the past government and Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken it as a challenge; thus, he’s trying his best to bring the lost peace and tranquillity back to the country.

The National Assembly’s Deputy Speaker also shed light on the economy of the country. He said that the PTI government has finally put the economy back on track and the new economic policies would undoubtedly produce fruitful results.

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