Formerly a ritual at funerals only, pole dance at a wedding reception in China sparks outrage

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A wedding ceremony has sparked outrage in China after a video surfaced of a pole dancer performing a racy routine in front of guests.

Guests at the wedding were left stunned when they saw a woman putting on a revealing show on stage at the reception.

The video went  viral after it was posted on the Chinese video-sharing app, Douyin.  With more than 50,000 likes, it shows the dancer spinning around the pole just meters away from the guests.

Most men can be seen watching the performance in awe, but some turn away and look at their phones instead.

Social media users also shared their views, and some agreed that pole-dancing was not appropriate at weddings.

One person said, “What would the elderly think when they saw this at their grandchildren’s wedding?”

“This is pretty embarrassing,” another social media user wrote. “Some guests were trying so hard to keep a straight face while watching.”

A third person added, “There were also young children on such occasion, that is a bit too much, isn’t it?”

A Chinese wedding planner named Li Ming, a wedding planner, told a source, “There might be such dances in rural areas of the country to attract attendance at funerals or weddings, but not in urban areas.

“I find it very inappropriate and would not plan such a performance at the wedding.

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  • Pole dance with such revealing clothes at funerals? who wouldn’t like to die for it?

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