Police arrest social media sensation Julie in a ‘fabricated case’

This is not the first time Julie is facing the consequences for standing up for the truth.

Social media sensation Julie has been arrested and sent to jail by the Islamabad police in an allegedly fabricated case.

Speaking about Julie’s arrest, a transgender named Farah told a local news outlet, “Our fellow transgender, Rosy, was tortured and beaten. Julie, Sumaira, and I raised our voice against why she (Rosy) was beaten. So In retaliation, the group who tortured Rosy registered a case against us.”

On the night of the 10th of August, Julie was arrested and manhandled by the Police. This is not the first time she is facing the consequences for standing up for the truth. In 2016, she was brutally beaten by Jajji Butt in Sialkot.

Since Julie’s videos went viral on social media, she started facing threats from various mafias. However, Police assured her safety, but it never happened.

Julie’s Lawyer, Hassan Niazi, told a source, “Police should have played their role and discharged the FIR. The DSP himself told me that it is a fabricated FIR.”


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  • اللہ بیڑا غرق کریں
    ان معصوم خواجا سراؤں کو بھی لوگ نہیں بخشتے،

  • All the jokers and the looters put together, who are sitting in the parliament…. Julie is one hundred times more loyal to Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. She commands all respect from the people.

  • پولیس بلاول کھسرے کو کیوں گرفتار نہیں کرتی؟ جولی بیچارے کا کیا قصور ہے

  • Iss mulk ke her aik nukkar per koi na koi Firon bun k bhaitha hai, jis ko jaha moka milta hai wo apni fironiyat dikhata hai,

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