Police arrests man who was ‘representing’ FATA women wearing a burqa in Islamabad Aurat March

Aurat March was organized today in different cities to mark the International Women's Day.

According to the reports, a man from Islamabad Aurat March has been arrested for posing to be a woman and joining the gathering wearing a ‘burqa’. He said he was there to represent women from tribal areas (ex FATA) because they cannot participate in the march.

Aurat March is a public rally which is organized in different cities of Pakistan every year on the 8th of March to celebrate International Women’s Day. However, ever since it became a yearly event, it has been blamed for being ‘indecent’ and ‘anti-Islamic’.

The march, this year, however, became quite controversial as religious conservatives announced ‘Haya March’ to counter Aurat March. The gathering in Islamabad was also attacked and stone-pelted.

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