Police halts child marriage attempt in Sargodha, arrests bride’s father

The incident occurred in Chak -140.

Sindh: Police arrests man for marrying 10-year-old

Police halted a child marriage attempt in Sargodha, Sillanwalli, saving a minor. According to the police report, the girl’s father obtained Rs0.5million from a 50-year-old, selling his 11-year-old daughter, Yasmeen, to him.

The incident happened in Chak -140. Mazhar Iqbal, sold his own daughter to an old man named Mazhar, in exchange for a hefty amount of money. Yasmeen was not aware of it. When she came home from school, she found people gathered at her home and started to cry. Her brother immediately informed the police. The police acted promptly and raided the house, arresting five people including Mazhar.

“As soon as we were informed about the minor girl’s marriage, we immediately brought the police force into action, arrested the accused and took the 11-year-old girl into custody for her safety,” SHO Hafiz Naveed Akram said.

Pakistan’s underage brides:

While the gender discrimination and suppression of female rights particularly have been the centre of discussion throughout 2019, to keep pace with the modern world, Pakistan clearly needs to do a lot more. According to a report by the WHO (World Health Organization), 21pc girls fall victim to the curse of child marriage in Pakistan.

It further stated that 140 million underage girls were likely to get married between 2011 to 2020 – quite daunting in itself. In rural areas, girls are more likely to get married before reaching the adult age i.e 18-year-old.

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