Police given instructions to monitor social media during Muharram

Police has also been advised to book the accounts promoting hate speech online under ATA. 



To avoid any possible security lapse, police has been sent special instructions to monitor social media during Muharram. Police will be closely monitoring the online activities of banned organizations individuals on the Anti-Terrorism Act’s (ATA) Fourth Schedule. With that, Police has also been advised to book the accounts promoting hate speech online under ATA.

In a meeting discussing security arrangements during Muharram, Rawalpindi city police officer (CPO) has directed police to monitor social media accounts and online activities banned organizations’ social media activists.

The CPO directed the officials to act upon the National Action Plan and taking action against people uploading or propagating hate literature and material on social media as it will have a negative impact on the security situation.

The CPO said that terrorist organization and groups banned by the interior department, as well those placed on the Fourth Schedule, are feared to increase their activities and hate campaigns during Muharram. Since the content of such nature spreads hate and ignites sectarianism, the police ha decided to crackdown against such elements.

Ban on loudspeakers will be strictly followed:

The chief officer added that the peace committee meetings should be ensured immediately at the police station, circle, division, and district level to critically evaluate the security situation. The police will be in touch with these peace committee members.

Speaking on the existing speakers’ ban in Muharram, CPO said that it will be observed this year as well. Police are determined to maintain harmony in the society and take action against any element which is disrupting peace and harmony of the society.

If someone has a track record of misbehaviour and hatred and they cannot be reformed, measures will be taken to make sure house arrest and maintain the peace, CPO said.

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