Police officer in Layyah attacked with a sharp weapon for stopping suspected COVID-19 patient from escaping

Please listen to the police, they care for you!

Despite the situation worsening with every passing day, the people are still downplaying the threat. Hence even the preventive measure being taken by police for the safety of the community are being resisted.

A police officer at Layyah got injured by sharp-edged weapon while suspect of COVID-19 patient tried to flee from the quarantine center.

Police officer at Layyah got injured by sharp-edged weapon while suspect of coronavirus patient tried to flee from quarantine center. We need to understand the fact that police are trying to stop the spread of COVID19 . Listen to them and respect them for their duty”, SP Atif Nazir shared on Twitter. 

Seven pilgrims from the district of Layyah were diagnosed to be infected with the novel coronavirus. They were sent to Tayyip Erdogan Hospital in Muzaffargarh for treatment.

About 742 pilgrims of Punjab returned from Iran through the Taftan border and are currently in quarantine, while tests are being conducted.

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