Punjab Police Officials Impressed After Visiting Specialized Training School For KPK Police

Police is an important asset for a country. However, in Pakistan, police service has always been under criticism due to lack of efficiency and capacity building. To overcome this, KPK Government has taken many initiatives and undoubtedly has set an example for the rest of the provinces to follow.

To achieve the set targets, six specialized schools were opened for the training of police officials during the year 2014 and 2015.
The schools were: Police School of Investigation in Hayatabad, Police School of Intelligence in Abbottabad, Police School of Public Disorder and Riot Management in Mardan, Police School of Explosive Handling in Nowshera, Police School of Tactics in Hayatabad, Peshawar and Police School of Information Technology Police Line in Peshawar.

The establishment of these schools reflected the strategy that KPK Government had i.e to build capacity keeping the current needs in perspective. These specialized schools offered basic as well as the courses more esoteric in nature. The courses included Basic Computer Course, Basic and Technical Intelligence, Cellular Forensics, Hot Spot Policing, Case File Management, Public Disorder Management and some other courses as well.

These schools have so far been able to successfully train 16,696 police officials, which in itself is a big achievement. However, now other provinces have taken this as an example and are visiting these specialized schools as well.
As reported by PTI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Facebook page, police officials from Punjab visited School Of Investigation and were highly impressed by the quality and magnitude of training.
See some of the pictures from the visit and the insight of the organized activities in this specialized school here:

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