Police Release Sketch of Suspect in Rickshaw Harassment Case

Lahore police have released a sketch of the accused who forcefully kissed a girl sitting in a rickshaw near Lari Adda. Police had previously arrested two suspects for making the video.

The two video makers were arrested from Nankana Sahib. They are accused of filming the video of the girl getting harassed near Lari Adda. Now the CIA, with the help of the suspects, has sketched out the main suspect who harassed the woman in the rickshaw.

According to the sketch, the accused is 20-25 years old and is of medium height. Police have registered a case of harassment against the suspect.

rickshaw harassment

It should be noted that recently a video of a young girl getting harassed went viral on social media. In the video, multiple youngsters are seen chasing the girls on a highway.

Suddenly, a man gets into the rickshaw and forcefully kisses the young girl. Furthermore, a few more men also tries to harass her but the other women in the rickshaw does her best to protect the girl.

It is one of the many recent cases of sexual violence against women in the country. Earlier, a TikTok star was also groped by over 400 men at the Minar-e-Pakistan.

The law enforcement agencies are tracking the suspects and over a hundred of them have already been arrested.

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