Police searching for a faith healer promising the birth of a male child by allegedly hammering nails into a woman’s head

Currently, the police is actively investigating the matter.

According to media reports, a woman turned up at a hospital with a nail hammered into her head, allegedly on the directions of a faith healer. Pictures of the peculiar case went viral on social media and caught the attention of Peshawar Police Chief Abbas Ahsan. He directed his SSP City Ateeq Shah to trace the victim and the “fake aamil“.

Police Investigation Progress

On the directions of the police chief, SSP Shah visited Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), where the woman was treated. He met with the hospital administration to browse the victim’s entry data. According to sources, the process of identifying the victim from the CCTV footage as well as from the computer entry data is underway.

Updating netizens about the incident via the official Twitter account, CCPO Ahsan said:

A special team has been constituted to bring to justice the fake peer/aalim (faith healer), who played with the life of an innocent woman and put a nail in her head with [the] false promise of a male child. The team will also investigate why [the] incident was not reported to [the] police by the treating doctor.

What did the hospital staff tell the police?

Speaking to SSP Shah, the hospital staff shared:

According to our investigation, the victim is a mother to three daughters. Her husband had allegedly threatened to leave her if she gave birth to a fourth girl. She was three months pregnant, and because of her husband’s fear, she went to the faith healer who gave her taweez, things to recite, and the nail. There isn’t enough information to state how the nail was hammered in her head, but she was discovered by family members when she screamed in pain. They instantly shifted her to the hospital.

The resident neurosurgeon at LRH, Dr. Haider Suleman, said:

The victim was bleeding when brought in and was given first aid before being taken to the operation theatre. She said that a woman in her locality did the same [hammered a nail] and gave birth to a boy even though the ultrasound had shown her unborn child to be a girl.

However, the doctor couldn’t extract enough information from the woman to conclude whether the faith healer had hammered the nail into her skull or she did it to herself.

Dr. Suleman said:

The nail had penetrated deep within the victim’s skull. The family said that she was at home and became unconscious. The family attempted to remove the nail from the patient’s head at home. However, they were unsuccessful. Doctors successfully removed the nail by operating on the patient. After gaining consciousness, the victim was still under the influence of the fake aamil. She said she would get an ultrasound done after some time to learn the gender of her child.

Currently, the police are actively investigating the matter. Therefore, any concrete evidence hasn’t been unveiled for the general public. Only time will unveil further details about the faith healer.

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