Policeman protecting polio workers gunned down in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Locals present nearby reported the incident to police personnel and rescue volunteers,  who rushed to the location of the fire.

A policeman guarding a polio worker while she administers polio drops.
Polio workers in danger – killing incidents increasing rapidly.

According to media reports, unidentified shooters shot a policeman deployed for the security of the anti-polio team in Kohat on Sunday. Sources state that anonymous individuals opened fire on an anti-polio team in the Dhal Behzadi district of ​​Kohat and fled. In the open fire, a policeman was shot dead.

Locals present nearby reported the incident to police personnel and rescue volunteers,  who rushed to the location of the fire. The volunteers shifted the body of the deceased cop to a nearby hospital and informed his family.

Search Operation initiated

Reports state that the provincial police have launched a search operation to arrest the unidentified gunmen. The police officials are currently gathering evidence from the scene and other sources. No information has been released to the public yet.

A kid is getting the polio vaccine
‘End Polio Now’ Campaign workers are being targeted by militants.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister gets involved

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan offered condolences to the family of the deceased policeman and expressed his heartfelt sympathy.

Directing the police to take the necessary steps for the immediate arrest of those involved in the crime, the Chief Minister said:

Those who fired on the polio team are the enemies of our children. The perpetrators of the incident cannot escape the clutches of the law. Incidents such as this will not dampen the morale of the polio vaccination teams. The provincial government is committed to eradicating the poliovirus from the province.

How many more polio workers will have to die at the hands of militants before the government takes notice?

History of Anti-Polio Personnel being targeted

It should be noted that Pakistan has a history of militants targeting the volunteers and police personnel involved in the anti-polio campaign. The majority of these killing incidents occur in K-P.

Two polio workers were gunned down in the line of duty in Swabi earlier this year. While one of the women workers died immediately from the bullet wounds she sustained, the other succumbed to her injuries later in a hospital in Peshawar.

In a similar incident, two policemen were gunned down while on polio duty in the Mardan district of K-P. According to details, the two policemen were returning from polio security duty at around 2 PM when unidentified terrorists attacked them.

District Police Officer (DPO) Dr. Zahid took over the case. He informed:

Both the policemen had been shot in the head.

As per reports, the targeting campaign against polio workers is increasing rapidly. People wonder how many more workers will have to lose their lives before the government takes serious action against the militants.

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