Political Rivalry Gaining Heat – Aamir Liaquat Thrashes Shehla Raza In A Series Of Tweets

Aamir Liaquat’s affiliation with PTI has met severe criticism internally and externally. Anchor-Politician previously continues to become the centre of controversy every now and then due to his raw, unfiltered opinions, especially on political grounds. He also called PTI an ideal place ‘his brand of politics’ prior formally joining and has remained quite active in thrashing party’s rivals specifically on social media platforms.

As a part of the process, Pakistani politics has again met twitter where Aamir Liaquat openly condemned Shehla Raza for her disrespectful attitude in the assembly. Previously on Saturday, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Shehla Raza talking to ARY show ‘’Aiteraz hai’’ thrashed his rival Ali Zaidi from PTI saying that the party picked Aamir Liaquat after Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered the authorities to pick Karachi’s garbage.
She also added that Aamir Liaquat should be stopped from using foul language against PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz.


‘’You picked Aamir Liaquat when CJP ordered to lift Karachi’s garbage but now you should control its smell, what kind of language he is using against Maryam Nawaz. We may have a lot of differences with Maryam but the language he used is condemnable’ said Shehla Raza in the show. Shehla also condemned Imran Khan for using similarly disrespectful language against PPP’s Faryal Talpur.
She said that a pattern of such behaviour shows that the accusations from the women of the party are correct and their grievances are genuine.

Responding to that, Aamir Liaquat said that she herself should watch her language. He said that he never spoke against Shaheed Bhutto or Benazir because he always respected them but now that Shehla Raza spoke against him in a TV program and revealed her true worth, she needs to be exposed to the facts as well. He said that she needs to take up the criticism and not play the woman card.
Here is what he tweeted:

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