Poor Sewerage System In Bhimpura Karachi Raises Resident’s Concerns – See The Current Situation Here

Sewerage is an unattended issue of Karachi since years now. The dilapidated sewerage system is the root cause of many problems that the citizens are facing. Even more than commuters and hurdles they face in moving from one place to another on the regular or urgent basis, the health threats posed by it are beyond imagination.

Source: Express Tribune

Similarly, we were horrified and extremely concerned when the condition of Bhimpura, Karachi was brought to our notice. Karachi has seen its first hailstorm in four years and heavy rainfall that despite the absence of electricity was enjoyed by the citizens. However, in this particular area, poor sanitation and failed sewerage system have created more problems for the residents. Here are some of the pictures of the area as shared by a vigilant and responsible member of the page:

It was also brought to attention that despite such horrific condition, nothing has been done to help the state and they are still struggling to bring the matter to PPP Councillor Farooq Ghanchi’s consideration. It was further added that after the elections, no efforts have been made to improve the living conditions of the residents here neither have they stakeholders shown any concern with the welfare. It can clearly be seen in the following video, the static water has exposed health implications, housing infections, and diseases. The street is crowded and people even children are using it for getting from one point to another, making them prone and vulnerable to illnesses.

We request the responsible individuals to take notice of the grisly condition and take urgent action to ease the affected population.

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