Poor woman forced to give birth in mosque’s washroom after Jinnah Hospital denies her treatment

Her husband Hammad, who is a driver by profession, took her to the hospital at around 2am on Thursday.

A woman, after being refused entry into a hospital in Lahore’s Raiwind area due to lack of facilities, gave birth to a baby in her home’s bathroom.

In a distressing incident, a woman was left with no choice than to administer her own delivery in the washroom of a mosque as Jinnah Hospital denied her treatment. Despite her critical condition, the doctors refused to see her because she did not get her tests done from a ‘specific private laboratory’.

According to the available details, Asifa Hammad was brought to the Jinnah Hospital twice but the gynaecologists refused to see her. The doctors had directed her to get blood tests done from a specific lab located in front of Jinnah Hospital.

Her husband Hammad, who is a driver by profession, took her to the hospital at around 2am on Thursday this week when her health deteriorated. When doctors refused help, Hammad took his wife to the bathroom of a mosque located inside the hospital premises, where she gave birth.

The hospital administration has formed a committee to look into the matter. AMS Jinnah Hospital Dr. Yahya Sultan said that those found responsible would be punished according to the law.

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  • The profession of doctors getting to more worse for human beings even they know their jobs are life saving profession but they are not going good to the humans, kill the all those doctors who have not been able to get responsibility for their own jobs

  • Lanat Beshumar Kisi haram ki naslain Hain ye.
    Insha Allah Qabar may zaror is ka Hisaab daina hoga.

    I strongly Appeal to the govt of Pakistan to take legal Action against the whole administration. Now the whole Administration will try to protect each other.

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