Post-mortem report of Iqra Kainat, prime witness in Kashahna scandal, reveals she died of hunger

The post-mortem report has revealed horrifying details.

The post-mortem report of Iqra Kainat, the prime witness in Kashahna orphanage scandal, reveals that she died of hunger. After the horrifying scandal became the topic of the town last year, Iqra was found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Iqra’s death brought the case back into the limelight and raised several doubts. However, the details of her post-mortem report further intensifies the pre-existing questions.

According to the report which has been presented in the court, Iqra died because of thirst and hunger. The samples acquired from her stomach have been sent for forensic testing to find out if she was poisoned in the hospital.

The former superintendent of Kashana and the main whistleblower of the case Afshan Latif alleged that Iqra did not die a natural death and was, in fact, killed with an intention to remove the evidence.

In November last year, Dar-ul-Aman Lahore’s superintendent Afshan exposed the underlying sexual abuse in the orphanage. She alleged that the helpless girls there are being ‘misused’ by the ministers and political influentials.

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