Post-mortem report of Nimerta case: Murder or suicide?

Nimrita was distributing sweets in college around 12:30 pm what could have happened in the next one and a half hours that she committed suicide. Dr. Vishal

  • Brother of Nimrita Kumari Dr. Vishal is desperately seeking justice for his sister who died in a college hostel.
  • He believes that Nimrita was murdered and has become a victim of sexual harassment.
  • According to the latest updates, two fellow students of Nimrita are arrested for interrogation.


Dr. Vishal, a brother of medical student Nimrita Kumari believes that his sister was murdered. He thinks that she has reportedly become a victim of sexual harassment.

A heart-wrenching incident that took place in Larkana where a medical student Nimrita kumari died in a college hostel. Whereas, Nimrita was a student of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University (SMBBMU) Bibi Asifa Dental, College. On Monday, her dead body was found with a rope tied to her neck.

Moreover, according to her colleagues, they knocked at her door but got worried when she did not respond. Later on, the guard of the hostel broke the door to open it. Her dead body was found and the room was locked from inside.

Statement of Nimrita’s Brother

Dr. Vishal while talking to a news channel further stated that he found a sign of cable wire around Nimrata’s neck.

He said her sister was distributing sweets in college around 12:30 pm and inquired what could possibly have happened in the next 90 minutes that she committed suicide.

Furthermore, he requested all the students and parents of medical college to not remain silent and demand justice for Nimrita.

According to the latest updates two male students who were class fellows of Nimrita have been arrested for interrogation.

Post-Mortem Report



It is reported in the post-mortem report that ” it has been proved that it’s a murder not suicide the signs of rope also found on her neck along scarf’s signs still what to be waited for serious action we can’t bear the lose of more precious young soul”



Meanwhile, a large number of people including many celebrities and students came out on road at the upscale Clifton area of Karachi on Tuesday night demanding justice for Kumari. Justice for Nmrita Kumari is trending on social media with the conjecture that it was not a case of suicide but a case of harassment and murder.


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  • So sad for the tragic demise of such a talented and pretty young girl. She should get justice no matter what. We stand with her family. I don’t know where is our society going, the beasts within should be brought to justice ASAP.

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