‘Swollen with deep bruises’: Postmortem report of Nazim Jokhio reveals horrific details

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Postmortem report of Nazim Jokhio

Human Rights Activist, and Lawyer Muhammad Jibran Nasir, has shared horrific details about the postmortem report of Nazim Jokhio. Nazim was found dead at the farmhouse of a Pakistan People’s Party lawmaker in the Malir area of Karachi in November last.

According to the postmortem report, there were “numerous bruises seen all over the face of Nazim” The report read that both eyes of the victim were found “swollen with deep bruises.” 

Furthermore, the postmortem report revealed deep bruises over the lower lip and many scrapes over “one aspect of the chest.” Additionally, the report affirmed that both hands were found “swollen with severe bruising.”

Jokhio’s tormented body was found at the Jam House, said to be owned by MPA Jam Awais, in Jam Goth on the 3rd of November, 2021. Jokhio’s brother lodged a case against the PPP MPA Jam Awais, his younger brother MNA Jam Abdul Karim for being involved in killing his 27-year-old brother. According to the Police, Nazim was tortured to death for reportedly trying to stop the lawmaker’s guests from hunting the houbara bustard in the Thatta district.

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