Power Ministry Successfully Saves Rs.13 Billion In First 100 Days

The new government has promised more and delivered less in the initial days however it cannot be overlooked as well that it certainly delivered more than the previous government. This can particularly be reflected by the aggressive austerity measures adopted.

Well as a result of contraction on expenditure, the Power Ministry has successfully saved Rs 13 billion in first hectic 100 days of the government. The stats were revealed by  Omar Ayub Khan, Federal Minister for Energy (Power Division), who said that they successfully saved 13 billion for the national exchequer by cutting off power theft from various parts of the country.

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Omar Ayub Khan added that the Federal government is going to install AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system and ABC (Aerial bundled cable) to control the electricity theft – a grave issue being faced by Pakistan’s energy sector.

Omar Ayub added that work on the innovative and new system is underway, that will not only help in cutting the power theft but will also ensure real-time meter reading.

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