Pregnant Folk Singer Shot While Performance In The Presence Of SHO – Video Goes Viral, Internet Outraged

In another shameless harrowing murder in a public gathering, Samina Sindhu was shot dead by 22-year-old Tariq Jaoi on a private function in Larkana. Both Samina and her husband Aashiq Somoo earned their living by performing on events – Samina sang while Aashiq played harmonium. They were performing at the Aqeeqa ceremony of sons of the reader of the session court judge Niaz Junejo when Niaz asked her to stand up and dance while singing. Samina, who was 6 months pregnant with her first child, refused to do so as due to her condition, it was difficult for her. Her refusal triggered Niaz and he fueled the murderer Tariq Jatoi that ‘he just sat there and watched when Samina refused his demand’

Jatoi shot her thrice, bullets piercing through her body. The video went viral on social media that show the incident. Samina can be seen standing and then falling on the stage. She was taken to Chandka Hospital and was declared dead on arrival.


According to her husband Aashiq, SHO Liaquat Ali was also present at the gathering, drunk and out of his senses. He says that the murder happened in front of the police while they remained inert. He was denied an FIR as well by Kanga Police, calling it an ‘accidental murder’.

They protested in front of SHO’s office but no one listened. They then protested in front of the press club the next day. After the matter was brought to notice by media, SHO was suspended by SSP Tanveer Tunio.
Aashiq also blames that when Samina was shot, she was taken to hospital some men. After they left, some people belonging to the police beat the remaining members of their performing group, snatching 35000 rupees from them.


A repeated pattern of attacking the artist community has been an unfortunate trend we have recently witnessed. Previously Mardan stage and drama artists sumbul was shot dead by men in her house because she refused to come with them for a performance back in February. In March, famous stage performer Sitara Baig was allegedly raped by 7 men in Lahore and police denied her right of registering a case. Later, her sister Kismat Baig was shot dead along with her bodyguard. Kismat died while Ali later informed that the attackers before shooting her said: “We’ll hurt you so bad that you’ll never be able to dance again.” (Source: Samaa News)

Samina’s murder has met a brutal reaction on social media. Here is how people are raising voice against this injustice:

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