President Alvi, First Lady talk about love letters, marriage, and 50 years of togetherness [WATCH]

The couple revealed that they had an arranged marriage. However, the understanding came with time. 

In a recent interview, President Arif Alvi, and the first lady, Samina Alvi, opened up about their marital life, children and shared stories from their childhood. The President also discussed his humble journey from a dentist to be the 13th President of Pakistan.

Host, Nida Yasir, started the interview by saying how she has always dreaded interviewing politicians, let alone the President. In response, Alvi Chuckled, “But you shouldn’t be scared as I am not scared of you.”However, the First Lady added she is not just as comfortable as her husband when it comes to being on camera.

Speaking about his childhood, the President revealed his parents had always branded him as the ‘naughty one. “I agree with them. I was mischievous. I enjoyed going to school. Like every other kid, I have also bunked many classes. I’ve very fond memories of my childhood.”

The couple revealed that they had an arranged marriage. However, the understanding came with time.


The President shared, “We are distant cousins; we had seen each other and were aware of the obvious age difference.”

Speaking about choices regarding wardrobe, the first lady revealed that it is the only thing the couple disagrees typically on. “I’ve my own choice,” Samina said, laughing. “And I prefer a suit,” the President added.

He added, “However, there are times when Samina objects to what I would wear, and I would ask her if I had ever criticized what she wore?”

Alvi said, “We have been married for almost 50 years. It has been 48 years already, and I have never asked Samina to change the way she dresses.” To which Samina responded, “That is because I always dress well.”

In response to a question regarding their children, the couple said,

“We tried to make our children understand the value of education to the point that the only thing they thought about was education. Even after our daughters were married, they could only think about studying. I told my daughters there was more to life than studying, raise your children,” said Alvi.

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