Not only Jacinda Arden: President Alvi also sets an example by ‘waiting for his turn’ at local sweet shop

New Zealand PM is not the only one setting examples!

The story of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and her fiance Clarke Gayford being turned away from a cafe because it was ‘too full’ according to COVID-19 SOPs became viral a few days ago.

In Arden’s exemplary leadership, New Zealand has put up the most inspirational fight against the novel virus. By taking timely precautionary measures on a personal and collective level, the country has nearly eliminated COVID-19.

But it looks like PM Arden is not the only one who is leading from the front. Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has also set an example for all of us by waiting in the line at a local sweet shop.

The story was shared by Alvi’s son, Awab Alvi. In a tweet, he said that the President visited a local sweet shop to buy ras malai. Covered in a cap and a mask, he waited for his turn for half an hour and followed all the necessary protocols.

Later, Jameel Sweets also shared the CCTV footage on their Twitter account. The sweet shop wrote that it was ‘shocking’ to see the President of Pakistan standing in the queue with ordinary citizens.

They added that if they knew it was him, they would have served him special Ras Malai.

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  • Awesome example, It’s also surprising that both were there with their boyfriends.

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