President Alvi’s son under fire for politicizing COVID-19, spewing hate

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President Alvi's son

Netizens have been calling out President Alvi’s son, Awab Alvi, for politicizing COVID-19 and spewing hate.

Awab took to Twitter and urged people to use the word “Indian Variant” instead of “Delta Variant.”

He tweeted, “Can we as Pakistanis stop using the word ‘Delta Variant’ and call it the ‘Indian Variant.’ It was the predominant variant that started in India. Slowly and steadily, the Indian lobby globally wants to avoid a negative narrative. So let’s call them out on this.”

Alvi did a follow-up Tweet in which he asked people what they would support calling the new variant? He presented two options: “Indian Variant” and “Delta Variant.”

As a result of the poll, more than 60% of the votes favored calling the variant Delta.

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