‘We need to support them,’ President consider names of 275 artists for financial aid

Nation should recognize their contributions, urges President.


Artists should be supported in time of need: President

President Dr. Arif Alvi says that the nation should recognize the efforts our artists’ community has rendered towards Pakistan. President expressed his views during the 9th Steering Committee for Federal Government Artists’ Welfare Fund meeting.

President stressed that it is our responsibility to take care of them in the times of need or when they are at a vulnerable stage. The artists’ community, with spreading the colors, has also played a significant part in propagating a soft image of the country worldwide. He expressed his views while in a meeting considering the names of 275 artists belonging from all four provinces for financial aid.

”Artists, being the invaluable part of the society, should be looked after at the time of need because they had rendered enormous services for the promotion of art and soft image of the country,” President Arif Alvi said.

The government announced health cards for artists:

He said that 6000 artists have been added to the list for the provision of health cards. He announced this in Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore, where he was distributing cheques to artists during a ceremony.

He said that it is on PTI government’s priority list to provide maximum welfare to the artist community and they are proud of the significant steps they have taken. He added that financial assistance is provided by the Punjab government will help artists meet both ends and generally elevate their quality of life, which they truly deserve for their services to the country.

27 artists were presented with cheques and financial aid at the ceremony. Chohan said that Punjab government will provide all sorts of support to those affiliated with art and literature.

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