President terminates tender notice published for construction of cage

Dr. Arif Alvi President of Pakistan takes notice of tender published for the construction of parrot cage.
  • Dr.Arif Alvi took immediate notice of news about the publication of the tender notice.
  • CDA Islamabad published a tender for constructing cage for Parrot at the zoo area of Presidential Palace.
  • The cost of tender sums up about 1,948,000 PKR.
  • People on social media slams the news of tender notice for Aiwan-Sadr.

Although there is no concept of royalty and kingdom in Pakistan like that of the Middle Eastern states still the President house costs the national budget millions of rupees. In the budget 2016-2017 alone more than 800 million rupees were allocated to bear the expenses of President house. Out of that hefty amount of 20 to 25 million are set aside just for the maintenance of Presidential Palace.

Recently, the Capital Development Authority issued a tender notice for the construction of new cages for the parrot (Macau) at the zoo area of Aiwan-Sadr. The copy of the tender has been in circulation on social media and people put it on harsh criticism referring to the PTI Government’s austerity drive since coming to power. A copy of the tender is attached herewith.

President_Arif Alvi
Photo of tender notice issued by Capital Development Authority, Islamabad for the construction of cages.

People on social media highly trolled the CDA’s move ever since the news has been on social media.

One one hand the government talks about its austerity measures and claims to cut down the expenses up to 50 million in the current fiscal budget while on the other hand, it spends millions on the lavish building of Aiwan-Sadr.

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For now, President Dr. Alvi has taken serious notice regarding the publication of tender notice for the construction of cages at the Zoo Area of president house. The President also ordered the immediate withdrawal of the notice and initiation of inquiry with immediate effect.

“The President has ordered an immediate withdrawal of the said tender notice and initiation of the inquiry. The tender notice has been released without obtaining approval from the competent authority, the statement by the spokesperson of the President house read. The Spokesperson of the president further clarified that tender was released without prior permission of the President House.

The cost of tender sums up about 1,948,000 PKR. Presidential Palace better known as Aiwan-Sadr is living and working place for the president of the country and Ghulam Ishaq Khan was the first president to live there.

What are your suggestions to cut down the expenses of Aiwan-Sadr in view of the current austerity drive? Please leave your comments



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