How revoking Kashmir’s special status will effect the people’s life in IOK?


Pakistan has been raising the issue of Kashmir ever since the inception of the country and occupation of India over the parts of the Himalayan region. The issue also moved beyond verbal communique as there have been incidents of war between the two countries.

Although the entire reason behind the successive wars between India and Pakistan cannot be attributed entirely to the Kashmir cause still the issue has remained as one of the main points of conflict between the two nuclear-armed neighbors.

Pakistan has maintained that the Kashmir issue must be resolved based on the resolutions of the United Nations and has always attempted to internationalize the issue but not doing enough for Kashmir in view of the BJP’s electoral agenda to repeal its special constitutional rights is perhaps the failure on our part.

How 2019 Presidential Decree restricts the rights of Kashmiris?

The 2019 Presidential Order that supersedes the 1954 Presidential decree is a severe blow the political rights of Kashmiris as the new settlements, if made within the occupied territory, will compromise the political will of Kashmiris by intervening the local vote bank.

Yesterday’s Presidential decree also set to subjugate the religious majority of Kashmiri Muslims as people from the rest of the country will acquire lands in the Valley. The move is also seen as a setback to the culture of Kashmir. Above all the repeal of Article 370 and 35A intervenes the declarations of Geneva Convention which prohibits the occupying power to transfer parts of its own population into the territories it occupies.

After failing on the legal front to subjugate the Kashmir’s special status, the ruling BJP has opted for the Presidential Decree to overpower the land and people of Kashmir.

Currently, curfew-like restrictions have been imposed within the state and people’s movement to organize rallies has been banned by the government to avoid any mishap of law and order but who will stop the Kashmiris to protest and to continue their freedom struggle after lifting of current state of restrictions within the Occupied state or India has plans to dictate the people of Kashmir militarily under the auspices of democracy?

Kashmiris have not succumbed to the Indian atrocities in their decades-long struggle to get their right of self-determination and will no way surrender to their just demands.

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  • Tough time for people of Kashmir and testing time for humanity. Let’s see if humanity wins or not.

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