You’ll be surprised to know the Prices of Aiman, Minal’s Dholki Dresses

See the prices below!


Social media has been abuzz with pictures and videos from Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram’s wedding festivities.

Minal was wearing an orange dress from Maya Ali‘s clothing line, Maya Pret on her Dholki while Ikram’s waistcoat was from the Karachi-based designer, Nauman Arfeen.

Minal’s sister and fellow actor Aiman Khan enjoyed the special occasion alongside her husband, Muneeb Butt. She was spotted wearing a purple ensemble. Aiman and her daughter Amal were also wearing Maya Pret.

The clothes worn by the twin sisters at the Dholaki ceremony are available on the designer MAYA Pret-a-Porter website.

Affordable Prices

Interestingly, the prices of both Minal and Aiman’s outfits are quite affordable.

The cost of Minal Khan’s dholki dress is PKR 60,000, while the price of Aiman Khan’s dress is PKR 48,000, has been mentioned on the website.



The pictures of the clothes have been uploaded under the name of Taabir and Aabroo, which was uploaded one day after the dholki event.

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