Prices of evaluation duties on mobile accessories increased by 700%

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mobile accessories

The evaluation duties on mobile accessories have increased from 200 percent to 700 percent.

According to a local news outlet, due to a significant rise in evaluation duties, the prices of mobile accessories like power banks, chargers, hand-frees, batteries, and Bluetooth have also grown up.

The report also stated that the duty on batteries had been increased from 18 cents to 84 cents. Moreover, the duty on the mobile charger increased from 24 cents to 84 cents, and the power bank from $1.5 to $3.80.

The duty on the mobile charging cable has been increased from two dollars per kilogram to 7.14 dollars per kilogram, and Bluetooth from 60 cents to $1.28.

Duty on a hands-free is increased from 20 cents to one dollar, and the selfie sticks from 84 cents to two dollars.

The Senior Vice President Hall Road, Sardar Azhar Sultan, has said the prices of all accessories had been increased by 50 percent, so a delegation of traders will go to Karachi to meet DG Elevation.

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