In a first, Prime Minister approves reforms at police station level

An official stated that ASPs (BS-17 officers) will be posted at police stations in Islamabad, as part of a pilot project.




For efficient administration and functioning, Prime Minister Secretariat has approved reforms at the police station level. The reforms are ASPs (Assistant Superintendents of Police) working as SHOs (Station House Officers), however, this will highly increase productivity in the police department.

Although, it seems as if the move was mainly influenced by the criticism that the incumbent PTI-led government was a subject to. The law-enforcing agency was under blame for torturing criminals and deaths of the prisoners while being in the custody of the police, mainly in the Punjab province. This move nevertheless, has been marked extraordinary by many senior professionals.

An official stated that ASPs (BS-17 officers) will be posted at police stations in Islamabad, as part of a pilot project. He also told that after its launch, it will be initiated in provinces, mainly Punjab since it contains the biggest number of police stations, which is 712.

As per the old system, which has been under practice for decades now, a sub-inspector or an inspector is posted as SHO throughout the entire country. In Punjab, the position is mainly filled by sub-inspectors as BS-14 level.

The official, while talking to a local media source, also said that PTI government hopes that the administration at police stations will handle issues like harassment, power abuse, and corruption, laws that are wrongly applied and faulty investigation.

More attention to be paid at administration at police stations:

The Prime Minister secretariat informed Amir Zulfiqar, Islamabad Police Chief, and establishment division to pay more attention towards improving the administration at police stations. He also stated that after a meeting was held containing concerned officials, it came to light that Islamabad police was facing a shortage of ASPs to appoint as SHOs.

Taking this into consideration, the establishment division asked provinces to hand some ASPs over to the Islamabad police to make up the deficit. If still, the ED (establishment division) ceases to fulfill the number of ASPs needed, there is a proposal that DSPs (Deputy Superintendents) will be posted as SHOs.

Another official stated that this scheme wasn’t something new, it has been introduced earlier in the Musharraf rule, when ASPs were deployed at police stations in Lahore and Karachi but this reform failed a few months after it was put to practice.

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