Prime Minister Imran Khan, Celebrities Wish Hindu Community On Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the most waited for and exciting event for the Hindu, Sikh and Jain community particularly based in the sub-continent. The beautiful festival is full of lights and treats. It is a five day long celebratory event coincides with the Hindu new year and symbolizes the victory of good over evil, light over dark. The victory is reminded by lighting homes, shops and public places with ‘diyas’ – small earthenware oil lamps.

Based on where one is based, Diwali is linked to a different historical context. In northern India, it is celebrated with reference to the story of King Rama. According to them, on this day, King Rama returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting up rows of clay lamps. Rama remained in exile for 14 years before he defeated the villain Ravan and returned triumphantly.  In northern India, it is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura.

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The festival is also linked with Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakhsmi. The people start their businesses on this day as they believe it to bring good luck due to the association with the wealth goddess. Some pray for a successful and peaceful year ahead on Diwali. There are pictures of Lakshmi displayed everywhere – sitting on her lotus or holding one.

Pakistani Hindu community also celebrates it enthusiastically. Though the pluralistic society is a comparatively rare sight in Punjab but most of the Hindu population is concentrated in Sindh. Sindh government also announced a holiday for them on the event.

To give the minority a sense of inclusive and belongingness, PM Imran Khan, Minister Human Rights Shireen Mazari and famous faces from the showbiz industry took to social media to extend their warm wishes.

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